Saturday, April 13, 2013

Loopys and Cycles

I've been noticing lots of modern quilts quilted with a crazy 8 pattern lately. I love the look and wanted to get in on the fun. I contacted Circle Lord and they made me up, not one but TWO boards, using this fun pattern. 
Yesterday I decided to give it a go so I pulled out my Chevron Quilt that Rhonda made me and went for it.

 Loopys 12 and Cycles 12
Both Giant Templates can be used on Long and Mid Arm Machines
 Loopys is a figure 8 pattern for Modern Quilts.
Size 12 inch"    
Queen +1/2   2 1/2 sect    107"       
King             3 sections    129"      



12  Queen +1/2   2 1/2 sect    112"      
12  King             3 sections    135"      
Cycles Quilt Examples by  Linda Lang

It is recommended that the largest size that can be used on 
your machine be purchased at one time,
as the sections are custom fitted at time of shipping.
 Material thickness and connections can change with time.
 We cannot guaranty that an other section will be available later.  

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Circle Lord template designs are copyright protected by Loricles. These designs may be quilted by the owner of the template without restriction. These designs may not be produced on either computer quilting programs, or any material used for grooved template manufacture.